BEACH BEAT | Surfboard Repairs Sunshine Coast
Beachbeat Alexandra Headlands and Caloundra, Sunshine Coast sell new and used surfboards, do custom boards, surfboard repairs and sell surfing accessories, wetsuits, sunglasses and even skateboards.
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Beach Beat at Alexandra Headlands and Caloundra offer new and used surfboards, custom boards, surfboard repairs along with surfing accessories, wetsuits, sunglasses, skateboards and apparel.

Not only does Beach Beat produce its very own surfboard brand made in house, they also stock a great range of current board models from a variety of leading brands!



Beach Beat offers the full service! Including Hybrid and Mini Mal packages along with custom boards and repairs, both done in house at the Beach Beat Factory.

There are a numerous models produced by the Beach Beat brand. All hand shaped on the Sunshine Coast, Australia!

The Hybrid – This board is a mix between a fish and a high performance shortboard, the nose of the Hybrid is quite wide allowing for easier paddling and stability while up and riding, the tail is pulled in providing more drive when turning. A great board for anyone just starting out with surfing, as this board is strong and will help you to develop your skills.

Hybrids up to 6’6″ available in a $595 package.

Package includes: Beach Beat Hybrid, fins, legrope, wax and fin key.

The BB Mini Mal – A board suited for beginners who require extra stability while finding their feet, a perfect board for many learning how to surf. Along with the Hybrid, the BB Mini Mal is available in multiple sizes and colours.

Mini Mals up to 7’6″ available in a $650 package.

Package includes: Beach Beat Mini Mal, fins, legrope, wax and fin key.

The Rebel –  Wide through the nose making it easy to get onto waves and maintain speed through soft sections, this is a high performance board for typical Sunshine Coast conditions.



Although the Pacer started out as a single 9’6 nose rider after an inspirational trip to California over 15 years ago, it has now evolved to include several models of Longboard, Eggs and Retros. Most are traditional nose riders which comprise of volane glassing, pigments, tints and multiple stringer layups. All are glossed and polished with either glassed on or box fins options available.

The Bowie Model – 9’4″ x 23 1/2 x 3 1/8 designed by Bowie Pollard, built for traditional style nose riding. One of the easiest boards to get some tip time on!

The Woodsy Model – Based on an old school traditional style log. Flat and super fast, the Woodsy Model is perfect for small waves with plenty of glide down the line. This board model is available in two sizes, 9’8″ or 9’9″.

The Hingy Model (Pacer) – This performance style log has a nice all round rail with a hard edge at the tail to compensate for having only a singlefin box and no side fins. Excellent for all types of conditions!

The Pacer Egg – Available in 6’0″, 6’6″, 7’0″, 7’6″ and 8’0″ dimensions. The Egg has proven to be a popular all rounder for smooth down the line surfing, especially on the points and small to medium beach breaks.



With an impressive range of sizes in the Haydenshapes range, we have you covered at any level. Suitable for the elite level surfer to the everyday surfer, Beach Beat has a board from Haydenshapes to suit you!

Haydenshapes board models currently available at Beach Beat: Holy Grail, Hypto Krypto, Untitled.



Beach Beat is host to a large variety of Channel Island boards. You’ll find all the latest models. Our range will have you sorted for all different types of conditions!

Channel Islands board models currently available at Beach Beat: Sampler, Fever, Rocket Wide.



JS Industries has a great range of boards that you can get your arm around in Beach Beat stores. The latest technology is at your disposal. From the new HYFI construction to old faithful PU, Beach Beat has a JS for every surfer, for every condition.

JS Industries board models currently available at Beach Beat: Blak Box II, Monstabox, Monsta 8, Nitro, Psycho Nitro, Flaming Pony.



Being one of the strongest constructions available, Firewire has always been a favourite! With an extensive range of models and sizes, Beach Beat has got you covered.

Firewire board models currently available at Beach Beat: Go Fish, Evo, TJ Everyday, TJ Pro, SKX.

Slater Designs board models currently available at Beach Beat: Sci-Fi, Omni, Gamma, Cymatic.