BEACH BEAT | Pa & Ma Bendall Memorial Surfing Contest 2016
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Pa & Ma Bendall Memorial Surfing Contest 2016

Pa & Ma Bendall Memorial Surfing Contest 2016

Posted by Bianca Brown in Life, Sunshine Coast Surf Shop, Uncategorized 18 Apr 2016

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The 42nd annual Pa & Ma Bendall Memorial Surfing Contest was held a few weeks ago here in Beach Beat’s home town of Caloundra.

Now that the town has settled down after the Easter Holidays, we took some time out to sit down and get to know more about one of our newest team riders and the Winner of this year’s Girls Cadets event at the Pa & Ma Bendall, Skye Faddy.


Name: Skye Faddy

Age: 14

Location: Wurtulla, QLD, Australia


When did you start surfing?

I started surfing when I was 10.

Where’s your favourite spot to surf on the Coast?

My favourite spot to surf on the Coast is Wurtulla.

What is your favourite manoeuvre?

Cutback or Vert Snap.

What boards have you got in your quiver?

My quiver is my JB 5’5″ which is an all rounder and my JB 5’8″ gun.

Where’s the one place you’d love to surf most in the world?

The place I would love to surf most is Treasure Island in Sumatra or to have pumping Raglan to myself all day!

Who are your sponsors?

My sponsors are Beach Beat, OPC, Four Eyewear.

Do you have a surf coach?

Matt Clarke.

Who is your favourite pro-surfer?

Sally Fitzgibbons or Tatiana Weston-Webb.

What’s your favourite subject at school?


What’s your favourite food?



Congratulations Skye on your 1st place in the Girls Cadets and receiving the ‘Most Promising Female Cadet’ Award!

We are very proud and can’t wait to see what you do next!




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Jamie Byrne Surfboard Design




Beach Beat



Four Eyewear





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